Marine Care

The family business that began over a century ago making furniture polish one bottle at a time in the garage of founder Frank Meguiar, Jr. now spans three generations of Meguiar's and 92 countries. Meguiar's, Inc. has become the world's most respected manufacturer of cleaners, polishes, waxes, conditioners and protectants for every conceivable surface.

When the mass production of fiberglass boats first began in the 1950's, the PVA Release Agent being used created dull finished parts. Meguiar's products were then applied to create the high gloss finishes that customers demanded. This led Malcolm Meguiar, representing the second generation of Meguiar's, to change the FRP industry forever by creating a Mold Release Wax that would produce high gloss parts directly from the mold. It was the industry's first Mold Release Wax and, after 50 years, M-8 continues to be the top selling Mold Release Wax in the world.

Working closely with fiberglass boat builders from the very beginning, and being responsible for the original high gloss finishes on fiberglass boats around the world, led to the consumer demand for Meguiar's products. Boat owners were looking for products they could genuinely trust to restore and protect that original high gloss finish, even under the most adverse circumstances boats experience.

The extraordinary performance of those first consumer products, and the enthusiasm they generated, created an ever-increasing appetite for additional products from Meguiar's that would perform at the same level of excellence on every type of surface found in the marine industry. The comprehensive line of high performance products found in this catalog represents the ultimate response to that demand.